Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finds (Antiques on Hildebrand)

There are some great shops we just discovered near our place.  
We visited those today and found some awesome stuff.  
This week, I'll be highlighting those shops and those finds...

Antiques on Hildebrand.
(Actually on Blanco and Lynwood)

This place was filled with really reasonably priced 
early to mid-century furniture pieces and various odds and ends.
Most of the items were in fairly good condition, needing paint touch ups or minor (if any) reupholstering depending on your own taste.  

The owner was really nice and helpful, and very eager to lower the price on an item if you looked interested.  His prices were really good already, so that made it even better.

We loved several of the pieces in the store,
 but only bought a couple things today.  
We'll have to return for the others on an other day.  
This gorgeous mirror was their (and our) "Sale of the Day."  
Early 1900s, framed, etched mirror, in near perfect condition.  $40!  
That's insane.

Lovely detail on an armoire.

Great display of vintage drawers.

love this.

Apart from all the antique and vintage pieces, 
he was selling these plaster sculptures in various 
classical and non-western style patterns. 
They looked great against this bright yellow wall.

Alex bought these 1940s Samsonite suitcases for $12 each.

All for now.
Tomorrow's Find:  The Old Door Store

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  1. Okay, so you're going to need to bring me there... asap! I just gasped when I saw that mirror! Scott thought I was hurt or something!