Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finds (Goodwill)

We made a trip to our neighborhood Goodwill store this weekend and found some awesome dining room additions.

I've become quite a fan of vintage milk glass. I love how simple and elegant it can look. I don't know how to tell if anything is valuable, I just buy was looks prettiest. I hope to one day have a large collection like this.

{Cute Scalloped Bowl}

{Pedestal Vase}

I have a few of these ornate gold frames hanging on my dining room wall. I am drawn to the slightly tacky appearance of these for some reason. They normally have mirrors in the frame that make them a little obnoxious. But they can have a Baroque elegance when paired toned down a bit.

{Ornate loveliness}

Alex found himself this beautiful amber glass oil lamp. It has a full wick inside and as soon as he finds kerosene he's going to light it.

{Alex's new work lamp}

The dining room has always needed a little something and I think we've figured it out. Plates. These are awesomely tacky. We are going to hang them up soon and hope to find more.

{Revolutionary Plate}

{Our apartment is far from lousy}

I found a couple more things, but those are for a project, so expect another post on that, along with my new obsession.

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