Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Menu del Dia: Alex's Signature Dish

This is Alex's Signature Dish. He has cooked it for several guests, and we have eaten it often and never tire of it.

The beautiful chicken is stuffed with almonds, apricots and feta and breadcrumbs mixed with almonds coat the outside. The sweetness of the apricots goes so well with the feta, plus the texture of the almonds makes each bite very flavorful. This recipe came from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Cookbook. The recipes in it are easy, but always really good. This one is available online as well, we omitted the mint pesto.

The potatoes on the side are Roasted Potatoes with Feta and Rosemary. Though I love watching Top Chef, I still don't know much about flavors and combinations and all that food critique jargon. Nonetheless, these potatoes are just really good. The rosemary is such a fragrant herb, and I can't get enough feta. I don't like onions, but the red onions in this dish cook down nicely and are slightly sweet.

Again, this recipe is from the Sam the Cooking Guy cookbook we picked up a while back. Most of his recipes are online, but the book has good tips and ideas. We saw it at a Half-Price Books in Houston for $3.00 recently.

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