Monday, April 26, 2010


I know were nearly in May, and I've neglected this blog.  But that doesn't mean life hasn't been happening otherwise.  I purchased my first Digital SLR camera and am so happy with it, so I hope to share more photos soon.  These are some of the many photographs I've taken.

I head to Houston tomorrow after 4 months of a seemingly "normal" existence here at home.  Working, school, spending time with friends and family have all been filling in the space between my last scan and now.  I almost forgot that I have this tumor and that we're watching, waiting to see what's going to happen next.  There are days when things seem so uncertain, and days when I just put this whole cancer business away and focus on what's happening now.  I hope that my scan goes well tomorrow, and that my tumor is stable, or possibly smaller.  I can't say that I expect those results, but I also don't expect that the tumor has grown.  It's my first follow-up scan and I'm just not sure what to expect.  

I will, however, make the most out of my Houston trip.  I've packed some lovely outfits.  I'm bringing along my camera.  I'm going to head to the Museum of Fine Arts and enjoy myself in between my scan and my doctor's appointments.  I'm not looking forward to the poking and prodding and IV's and tests, but I have so many things to look forward to upon my return.

{new camera, experimenting with flowers and vintage vases}

{First Thursday at Blue Star}

{Made Sesame Street Cupcakes for my Nephew's First Birthday}

{Birthday for Alex at the Lake}

{2nd Saturday at Gallista}

{Beautiful Headbands}

{Lovely Paper Mache Ladies}

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