Monday, June 14, 2010

No Baking Necessary.

I made this cake a few weekends ago for dessert on Dinner and Movie night with the Fremins.  It was so easy to make, I almost felt like I had not done everything that needed to be done.

It's basically whipped cream with peanut butter and tons of chocolate cookies.  The recipe specifically calls for chocolate wafer cookies and the one's pictured look much larger than the one's I used.  My grocery store didn't have wafer cookies like that, so I simply used Oreo cookies.  I scraped off the cream center of each cookie, but then after I did that, I realized I probably could have used peanut butter Oreos and left them stuffed!

Either way, this cake is delicious.  After chilling over night, the cookies softened, but weren't soggy.  They actually had a cake like texture.  The peanut butter whipped cream was subtle and sweet but not overpowering, so it paired perfectly with the chocolate cookies.  It just looks pretty, too.

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