Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Summer So Far.

This blog became very baking-centric lately.  I was a little bit obsessed, but have given myself a little break for the Summer.  I've turned my attention to sewing, and have a project in the works that I hope works out.

I'm not teaching this Summer, so I'll be preparing for teaching in the Fall and I'm gearing up to head back to grad school (after a brief, healing hiatus) to finish up my Master's Degree.  I'm only a thesis away from accomplishing that, and as I've started to look through my research and focusing my topic, I've realized that I'm really excited to do the work.  

So far my Summer has been restful.  This is the first Summer I haven't taught at least one class.  I'll be taking my time preparing my courses for Fall and organizing my research to have a plan of action ready for writing my thesis come August.  

It's been good so far...

Dinner parties, Yoga, eating ice cream and watching Netflix nonsense in the evenings has been a good change of pace for my usually busy evenings and weekends.  I am not used to doing nothing, so sometimes when I sit and don't have papers to grade, lectures to prepare or articles to read, I think that something's not right.  I need to learn to enjoy this calm time before August gets here and my life gets even busier! 

Some recent loveliness:

Dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Capparelli's.

When I don't feel like making my own cupcakes, my absolute favorites are these from Kate's Frosting, luckily, only a couple doors down from Capparelli's.

Alex's super-sweet Big Red Cupcake.

Vanilla with Chocolate frosting and sprinkles for me.

(I took these photos with my new Hipstamatic iPhone app.  Love it.)

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