Saturday, July 31, 2010

The August Break

{Taken by Me at this Wonderful Place}

For the month of August, I'm joining Susannah Conway and many other bloggers in a great project - "The August Break."  Basically, its a month of posting simply a photo (or photos) on a daily basis.  I'm always trying to keep up this blog, and this is definitely a wonderful way to do that.

August is also the start of the Fall semester for me, so as a grad student and art history teacher, it's a fairly busy time.  Posting a photo (or a few) on a regular basis will be great exercise in staying aware of the present moment and to not get too caught up in the stress and busy-ness this time of year can bring.  I love taking photos and always need more practice doing that, so I am looking forward to chronicling at least one month of steady photographing and posting.  If you aren't already doing this, why not join us.

Here are some of the other bloggers participating and the Flickr group so you can explore some of the other lovely photos that will be shared.

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