Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Weekend

Grilled toast
Add nutella
And coffee
{perfect breakfast this weekend}

I'm still here.

Researching, writing, grading, working, photographing.

I can't believe it's December soon.  I have no idea where these past few months have gone.  I'm looking forward to the holidays and the end of the year is always an exciting time.  Most importantly, it will be a short break in between semesters where I can just enjoy time with family and friends.  

I'll head to Houston one more time this year for one more scan in 2010.  I think that makes 3 CT scans and a PET scan for the year.  My PET scan in October was great. Rather than stable, my doctor said it was evidence of disease.  I'm waiting for the CT scan with the carcinoid specialist in December before I get too excited, because he's always the more realistic doctor of the two.  A clear PET scan is always a good thing though.  After this December visit, I'll only need a scan every 6 months.   I'm looking forward to that longer break between.  It will give me more time to focus on life and fun stuff and a potential research trip to Mexico City.

Other than my previous and upcoming scan, I've mostly been focusing on art history.  Reading a lot, writing as much as I can, and trying to put it all together nicely.  Getting back to my art history research after the time I was off for dealing with the surgery and radiation has been a challenge, but also a really exciting and much needed change of pace. 

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