Sunday, January 09, 2011


Classes start up tomorrow, both for the students I teach and for myself.  With all the celebrating and family get-togethers, the holiday break flew by way too fast, so I found myself spending the last two weeks focusing on preparing for the semester.  I finally feel like I'm ready to go.  I have a study/teaching/writing/life schedule in place that I intend to stick to if I want to get my work done this year.  Plus, I have a beautiful new workspace thanks to Alex.  Having such a beautiful and comfortable spot will surely help me to stay organized and focused this year.


Apart from my #1 resolution/goal to get my research and thesis completed this year though staying organized and cutting the procrastinating, I have some other goals in mind for 2011:

  • Read more books for fun:  Although I have a lot of art history reading to do, I find that taking a break from that with a good book is always necessary.
  • Yoga:  My good friend Liz gave me a gift pass to a new yoga studio, so I'll definitely be attending at least five sessions this year.  Hopefully, I can build upon that with either establishing a home practice or attend the studio classes on a regular basis.  
  • Eat Healthier, Cook More:  This will take some work, but I do feel it is something I need to pay closer attention to since I tend to avoid fruits, veggies and find myself consuming way more sugary sweets than I should.  I plan to incorporate more of the good stuff, while allowing for an occasional indulgence here and there.  I think that cooking more will likely follow as I incorporate healthier foods.
  • Make something now and then:  I want to do more crafty things like this, or this and maybe even this:
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Most of all, I just want for 2011 to be as great a year as 2010.

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