Friday, January 21, 2011

Project Stephanie: Heart Garlands

{cut out hearts from magazine pages and tape to string}

{tape heart-shaped doilies onto a string}

I know it's not even February yet, but I got ahead of myself last weekend by making some festive heart garlands.

This is a really simple and cute handmade project.  There are definitely more elaborate ways to make these, but I just wanted to create something that didn't take too much planning, materials or time.

I love the way the garlands add just a bit of whimsy to our living room, and even though the project was super-simple, I like the fact that I actually made something.  After all the working, reading, writing and worrying about my looooong list of things to do, sitting on the sofa with a pair of scissors, some string, and tape was just the sort of thing I needed to help me unwind and relax.           

There's still plenty of time between now and Valentine's Day, so I just might want to try doing this...hmmmm?  Probably, not.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Wow! Those look so neat.

  2. Thanks Marlena! They were too easy to make!

  3. really pretty