Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mexico City

{not Mexico, but Market Square at lunch today}

This week I found out that I was awarded a fellowship to travel to Mexico City to conduct research on the artists who I'm writing my thesis about. I am so excited to travel somewhere for something other than a surgery or a scan!  

I often think about the timing of my carcinoid diagnosis and about the things I might not have been able to do had I known about it sooner, specifically travel.  My tumor was so large that my doctor thinks it was probably around for about 10 years.  In that time I traveled to Italy, all over Mexico, and to Spain.  I'm sure it would not have been possible to do those things had the carcinoid been discovered sooner.

During my recovery from surgery and treatment, traveling seemed like such a far fetched thing to think about.  I could barely see myself getting back to driving, let alone hopping on a plane and running around Mexico or Europe.  It wasn't until the opportunity to apply for this fellowship came about late last year that I thought that I might actually be able to do it.  When I heard I was selected, I was so happy and honored to be given the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world again and to finally experience the works of art I've been dedicating so much of my spare time to. 



  1. Julie told me a little bit about this when we were both down for Christmas. She is very happy for you, Stephanie. Me too!!

  2. Thanks Lauren!! I truly cannot wait to go. I'm even more ready to have this thesis done, but I think this trip will be so inspiring and motivating.