Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Alex and I celebrated our Valentine's Day over the weekend because we prefer to spend the day together than exchange fancy gifts.  (And just because there weren't fancy gifts, doesn't mean there weren't cheesy gifts for Alex from me).

We took Sunday off from all the other craziness in our lives (my thesis, his upcoming art show, cleaning, cooking, keeping a house in tact) to enjoy the day and explore some beautiful and historic places in our city that we have never been to.

On our first Valentine's Day together, Alex and I visited the San Antonio Missions.  That year, we only visited San Jose and Mission Concepcion.  

So, we headed back to see...

This wall, with the green plaster worn away from the walls and in the window, was my absolute favorite space. 

The churches at the missions are all still working parishes and mass was being held there when we visited.
{Mission Espada's arched doorway}

{the 280 year old masonry}

{visitor graffiti from 1921}

The best part was that we got to do all of this together.

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