Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend

{sandals and chipped polish}
{beets at the farmer's market}
{the josephine street bridge}
{enjoying a watermelon-canteloupe lemonade by the riverwalk}

I have no idea where the past few weeks have gone.  Suddenly, I find myself at the end of March, with a thesis chapter to write and a trip to Mexico City to plan.  I'm finding that things are getting fairly hectic for me.  I have so many projects and to do lists and stacks of books to read (both for study and for leisure) that it's hard to find a balance sometimes.  I find myself constantly busy, which is good, but at times can get to be too much.

After a few very intense weeks of school and work, I spent the weekend taking a break.  The weather has been so beautiful and spring-like lately that it was hard to resist taking a trip to the farmer's market and strolling down the river walk with lovely friends and family.  I bought some yummy locally made hummus, a loaf of freshly baked rosemary ciabatta bread, and a bushel of cute mini carrots.   Afterwards we headed to a favorite restaurant for lunch.

I took most of Sunday "off," too and visited family and helped Alex in our garden.  We planted a rosebush clipping from his parent's backyard, so I'm hoping that it grows and survives in my little front yard garden.

It was good to have a short break and I now feel refreshed and ready for the next phase of my semester.

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