Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thrift Store Noir


This past Saturday, after spending some time at the library in the early morning, Alex and I ventured into our neighborhood and to some really neat thrift shops we had never been to.  One of them was made up of rooms and rooms filled with really inexpensive vintage furniture.  Another store that we pass every single day, but had never stopped in was a hobby shop, and it was dedicated to vintage and antique toys.  

The most bizarre place we went to was a huge thrift store that was filled from floor to ceiling with stuff.  A lot of it might have just been junk, but there was really too much to tell.  There were some really wonderful things there, but I think the woman who ran it was not really open to selling, since nothing was priced and when it was, it was fairly high.  

In any case, I was mesmerized by all of the odd items she had there and the haphazard placement of everything often created some really interesting vignettes.  

I couldn't help but take a few photographs.  

This is only part of what was accessible.  About half of the huge space was too full to walk through. 

i wanted this painting...may need to go back for it.

This wonderful little painting was only $35.  I don't know why I didn't buy it.  I might just have to go back for it.

And, who can resist photographing old photographs?

my favorite photo of the day

These mannequins were my favorite.  They reminded me of the paintings that I study (see below), and perhaps it was my reminder to get back to work.

Maria Izquierdo.  El Huachinango.  1943

Maria Izquierdo.  Gato Sabio. 1943
Maria Izquierdo. Trigo Crecido. 1940


  1. What insanely cool pictures! I love the black and whites... they look like they belong in a cool NYC studio

  2. Thank you Marlena! They're fun to take. :-)