Thursday, February 23, 2012

one five two eight

In a few days, Alex and I will be moving out of our apartment.  We've lived in this place for three years and we've been longing for a change lately, so when a larger (and not too expensive) apartment came up, we decided to go for it.  

I'm excited for the new space and for new rooms and new views and new arrangements of furniture, yet I'm still a little sad for the space that we're leaving.  I know we only rent, but we were truly able to make this place feel like a home, and we've gone through a lot in the past three years in this apartment - both good and bad.

It's our first real place together. 
It's where I recovered from cancer. 
It's where we spent our first two years of married life. 
It's where we cooked for and entertained new friends.
It's where we've fought and made up, laughed and cried together.
It's home. 

I'll miss the charming vintage details in this place:  the french doors, glass door knobs, the hinges, the window sills, the built-in bookcases, and the bathroom tiles. 

There are certainly things about this place that I won't miss:  the lack of light, the creaky front door, the crazy yard, water heater in the kitchen, the drafts, and the dust. 

I guess it's just time for Alex and I to move on.  Our new place has a lot of the vintage charm, but also some updates that we now realize make living in an old building much easier.  I'm really looking forward to making a new home for ourselves and filling that space will all of our things and creating a whole new set of memories and experiences. 

And so, the stacks of boxes keep getting higher and higher. The walls are blank again, and the shelves are empty.  Our things are no longer part of this space, instead they are packed away waiting to be part of the new home that we build.

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  1. Lovely post ... Wishing you health, happiness and lots of joy in your new home!