Sunday, July 08, 2012

life lately

Life has been different, but also the same. 
Some things have ended, while others have begun.
Yet, all is how it should be. 

Here are few glimpses of what life has been like lately. 

{quiet coffee mornings}

{late spring strolls through the park during lunch}

{watching spring transition into a scorching summer}

{a late spring sunset}

{some crafts, painted spoons}

{making photos with this, or at least trying to}

{keeping some plants alive}

{more crafts...painted mason jar}

{fresh mint I grew on the window sill for my favorite salad}

{learning to crochet}

{and of course, cupcakes}

i will write more soon, for now these instagrams must suffice.

(p.s. find me on instagram:  stephyvette}

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