Saturday, October 06, 2012

32 Before 32

I turn 31 today and because I'm a fan of to-do lists, I thought it would be fun to write a list of things to do before I turn 32.   

1.  Visit some where I've never been.
2.  Finish crocheting my afghan.
3.  Keep a daily gratitude journal.
4.  Make 2 new friends.
5.  Learn to use my vintage film cameras properly.
6.  Go sketch in the museum gallery.
7.  Visit the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to see the Prado exhibit.
8.  Take a walking tour of the historic homes near my neighborhood.
9.  Join a book club.
10.  Volunteer somewhere or raise money for a good cause.
11. Curate an art exhibit.
12.  Practice yoga regularly.
13.  Organize and archive or print some photos from the past few years.
14.  Eat healthier.
15.  Make Jam.
16.  Try baking 3 new things:  bread, soufle, crepe cake.
17.  Minimize my wardrobe and invest in quality pieces.
18.  Read at least 25 books.
19.  Write letters and send post cards.
20.  Go to a movie by myself.
21.  Get a pedicure and manicure.
22.  Sit in a cafe, reading and writing.
23.  Make a pretty ombre cake.
24.  Paint a self-portrait.
25.  Paint a still life.
26.  Keep my plants alive.
27.  Go to the Renaissance Festival.
28.  Give more handmade gifts.
29.  Start paying back my student loans.
30.  Start keeping my visual journal again.
31.  Read more poetry.
32.  Do that thing I've always wanted to do.

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