Thursday, January 10, 2013


My granny square sampler afghan is finally complete!  I started learning crochet in April and making granny squares was the easiest way for me to learn all of the stitches and create something useful in the process.  I began with really simple solid color squares and moved to more complex lattice work.  When I was finally brave enough to start changing yarn colors, the squares became really fun to make and I was eager to create more and more colorful ones.  

I initially had a very specific plan for a blanket and wanted to use only one type of square and certain colors.  But after seeing this sampler afghan project, I knew I wanted to try it.  I was getting bored making the same squares over and over anyway, so trying out all of the different patterns was fun and I was able to learn a lot of different stitches and techniques. It's far from perfect, but thankfully crochet seems to be very forgiving, at least in blanket form. 

I never would have imagined that I could make something from yarn.  Crochet always seemed so extremely complicated, and I could not understand how it worked.  Until one afternoon when I finally asked my mom to teach me.  And after making just lengths of chain to get the hang of holding the hook and yarn, I was able to read a pattern and create something more substantial.

I'm excited to start on another sampler afghan.  There are tons of granny squares to try and it's so very relaxing to sit and concentrate just on the yarn and hook.  It's very therapeutic and making these squares got me through some challenging moments this past year.  Focusing just on the stitches was like meditation for me.  I'm so glad I learned this and can't wait to keep creating. 

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