Tuesday, March 19, 2013

antiquarian book mart

My plan was to spend the morning of Alex's birthday lingering over lattes at a quiet coffee shop, reading and chatting until lunch.  It started off that way, and the coffee was excellent, but the coffee shop was busier and nosier than I had expected. 
So, rather than sit outside in slightly chilly weather and listen to a business meeting that was taking place one table over from us, we left and wandered down the street and to the used bookstores we like to visit. 
We normally go to another bookstore, and although we had seen The Antiquarian Book Mart many times, we'd never actually gone inside.  I'm so glad we did.  

Each of the brightly-colored (sometimes, flourescent) rooms are filled from floor to ceiling with books.  Some are in order, some are not.  The smell of old paper lingers in the air and it's easy to get lost for hours scanning the shelves and reading all of the spines, trying not to miss the one book you were hoping to find. 
I was looking for a copy of The Bell Jar that day, but I didn't find it.  I guess that's a good reason to head back there again soon. 


  1. This looks like heaven!!! There are many bookstores near my house that I have walked passed but never ventured inside. You've inspired me to put them on on my must do list!

    1. This bookstore was such a fun surprise...it's exactly what I think of when I imagine a used bookstore. I could have stayed in there all day!! I do hope you stop by those bookstores!