Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bike Dreams

Ever since going to Siclovia last month, I've been intrigued with the idea of getting a bike.  I didn't think I could actually ride one without falling off because I haven't been on one since I was really, really young.  And even then, I hardly remember riding that often.  Watching people on bikes, riding so casually and enjoying the lovely weather inspired me to try.  

I practiced riding around the driveway using Alex's bike and surprisingly, I didn't hurt myself or any one else in the process.  His is more of a racing bike, so it was a little fast and difficult, but I at least figured out that I could.  Which means I've decided to save up and buy one later this Summer.

I'm already envisioning bike rides to the sno-cone shop and to the lake.  I'll definitely need to equip it with as many safety devices as possible, because I am a scaredy-cat and our city is still learning to share the road with bicyclists.  I've also started to look at all of the beautiful ways to accessorize a bike, and I'm just as excited about that as I am with getting a bike.

Teal Bicycle with Basket found on Pinterest, but I cannot track down source.
Pretty Bike Skirt Guard on Pink Bicycle from Free People
Gorgeous Crocheted Dress Guards from Simeli
Mantis City Cruiser Bicycle in Lavender from Target

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