Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Crochet

One of my goals for this year was to give more handmade gifts.  Over Christmas I crocheted and gave a few simple make-up pouches and headbands to my nieces.  I made a larger envelope pouch for my mom for her birthday and a scarf for my sister in February.  Not only have I been able to gift some lovely items to family and friends, but making these simple gifts lets me practice my crochet and motivates me to complete each project I start.  Knowing that it’s going to someone keeps me from abandoning the project halfway.

The most recent project I made was a baby blanket for my nephew, who is due any day now.  I absolutely love making granny squares.  They are the perfect crochet project for me because I can finish one or more in a sitting and can get creative with color combinations and patterns.  Also, since I learned how to join the squares as I go, there’s less stress about having an overwhelming stack of squares to put together.  The blanket comes together quicker and I feel like I’m making real progress. 

Now that this is cozy blanket is complete, I'm excited to figure out what to crochet next.  Perhaps some cute coasters or another blanket, so many projects!  

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