Saturday, June 15, 2013

Around the House II

I shared a peek into some spaces in my house a couple of months ago, and since I love looking at other people's homes, I thought I'd share another room - my room.  This room is basically my studio/office/craft room.  Alex loves to jokingly call it my "ladies parlor" because it's just over run with all the frilly, flowery, vintage stuff I love.
Of all the rooms in our apartment, this one has the most natural light, so I love sitting in here in the evenings or on rainy days (like this week) and working on my computer or on a craft project.   There's a plain book case in one of the corners behind the door that is filled with all of my books, and some have over taken the smaller book case, too.  Although Alex and I did some late Spring cleaning this week, the books are the one thing we can't stop collecting.  I guess it's not that bad of a habit. 

I find that, apart from purple, I've become obsessed with this lovely turquoise blue, and a majority of the items in this room are that color.  When I was in Houston earlier this week, I had to stop by Ikea to pick up that turquoise cart.  I love it!  

I have a round table in this room to work on larger projects.  It used to be my dining room table, but since we bought a different set for the dining room, I painted this one purple and brought it into my room.  

This space is perfect for me to display my collections of trinkets, hello kitty things, cameras (that's a whole other post), and to just relax.  It's a small room, but I'm still hoping to find a cozy reading chair for it or some floor cushions (hey, maybe I'll sew some!)  

P.S.  I took these photos on my iphone and then messed around with them using the new VSCO cam app, hence the different filters.  I've been lazy about using my "big" camera (DSLR), so for now these fun photos will suffice.    


  1. you can tell it's an artist's home... beautiful. Love the writing desk and blue cabinet - I've been looking for a blue typwriter like that forever! Where did you find it?

    1. Thank you!! 95% of the things in my room are thrifted. I bought the blue cabinet at Goodwill, repainted it, and added the decorative door knobs. The writing desk was a Christmas gift from my husband. The typewriter was $1 at this Goodwill clearance store. It works but not always. It's just a fun decorative item now. :-)