Sunday, June 22, 2014

Linnea's Windowsill Garden

I found the cutest book at the thrift store today. It's a fun guide for kid's on how to grow a garden from vegetables, seeds, cuttings, and offers so much great information on how to maintain it. Even though it's meant for children, I found a lot of useful information in it as I'm starting to work on my own window sill garden. 

The tips on watering were really informative. In fact, I did not realize that watering with water straight from the tap was not a good idea. Nor, did I know that you could check the pot by knocking on it to check if the soil is dry. 

I'm always forgetting to water my plants, so this idea will definitely help. As I read through the book, I was actually becoming very inspired to grow even more plants and to try germinating some seeds and maybe even an avocado tree. Since I don't have an outdoor space, I love that this book is about growing plants indoors. 

I just love the illustrations. I think the page on how to make a home for your plants is exactly what I want my room to look like. I can honestly say that I will reference this book often. 

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