Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer So Far

Technically, it's just now the beginning of Summer, but where I live, this heat and humidity has been going strong for a little while now, so I count that as Summer. One long, long summer starting in mid-April and lasting through late-September. And, when my birthday comes around in October, the best part is that the heat finally subsides. I'm definitely not a fan of Summer, but it cannot be avoided. So, instead I make the most of it and enjoy what I can: lots of ice cream, lots of color, blooming plants, skirts and sandals, and sunny days. 

I couldn't resist these wacky purple ice cream cones when I saw them at the store. Coupled with toasted almond fudge ice cream (and Game of Thrones on TV) makes them perfect for a relaxing evening at home. 
Oh, flowers. I don't have an outdoor space, so I live vicariously though other people's flowers. My mom planted these lovely ones on her front deck and I spotted these purple striped ones while walking around Fredericksburg, Texas on a warm Saturday morning. 
 I did a bit of indoor gardening to replant these tiny succulents I have. I have a sunny corner in my room, so I took advantage of the sunlight for these little guys.
I'm looking forward to a couple of mini-trips in the next few weeks: to Houston and Austin. Also, there are some great art exhibits to check out: Matisse at SAMA and contemporary Baroque at the McNay.  And, of course, I'm glad to have a few more days off from work to relax and do fun stuff. 

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