Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer Reading

This is the stack of books I planned to read over the Summer. I have so many unread books on my bookshelf that I intended to select a few, read them, and not buy anymore books until I've made progress on the unread books I already own. But, yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, I read a couple from the stack, made progress on one, and discovered some other books instead. 

I re-read Mary Oliver's, Dream Work, this summer. It's a lovely book of poems I turn to quite often and find so much inspiration in her words. Spending a moment with this book helps on those days when I need a bit of nudging to stay creative and aware of the beauty in my days, even when it seems impossible. 

I'm slowly reading Tara Brach's, Radical Acceptance and am about halfway through. I try not to read too many self-help books because it can start to feel like everything needs to be fixed. But I can relate to so much of what she writes about in this and am always trying to be more mindful in my everyday life.

I read Middlesex last year and absolutely loved that book. Since then, I wanted to read more of Jeffrey Eugenides work. I started reading The Marriage Plot  a couple years ago, but it's a long book and my copy was from the library, so I stopped a few pages in and returned it. For some reason, I couldn't quite get into it at that time. In June, I ended up finding a copy of The Marriage Plot at the thrift store so I thought I would give it another shot. I finally read it in July and really, really liked it. It's strange because I liked the book, but I can't say that I particularly liked any of the characters. Yet, I still wanted to know what happened to them and how their lives ended up. I love Eugenides' writing style, and I think that's what carried me through. I still think Middlesex is his best, but this one was a great read.

And here's where I got sidetracked...

I wanted to read more of Eugenides' work after reading The Marriage Plot, so I ended up reading The Virgin Suicides. This was such a beautifully written, haunting story. The book made me think of that time in adolescence that's filled with longing and angst and feelings.  

After reading both of those great books, I couldn't decide what to read next, but I wanted something completely different. I saw a preview for the Gone Girl movie, which reminded me that I had a copy of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. I got into this book pretty quickly. It's a creepy, dark, psychological thriller, and the perfect read for Summer's end. 

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  1. thanks for the book reviews! I need to get to Middlesex