Wednesday, November 26, 2014

33 on Film

I turned 33 on October 6th, and I brought my camera along for the day. It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday, so Alex and I went to the Farmer's Market to have coffee at one of our favorite places, Local Coffee. It was still warm enough for iced coffee so we drank it outside sitting on a bench, enjoying the morning and watching people as they strolled along. 
After the farmer's market, we headed over to Nosh for lunch. This place is my absolute favorite place for pizza and fries. The truffle oil french fries are the best, and the wild boar pizza was just perfect.  My husband is an artist, so the brown paper on their tables lends itself well to his sketching as we wait for our meal. It happens. Every. Time. Oh, and fun fact: the executive chef from this restaurant was the runner up on Food Network Star.
Instead of cake or cupcakes, I've had my eye on this old school diner/soda fountain/pub for a while and thought we could check it out. I had really high, vintage expectations for this place, given that it is a historic building and has a working soda fountain from 1938. In my mind, there would be some 1940s and 1950s decor, vintage tile, mint green everything, pretty much this. Well, it was definitely more contemporary than that, but there was a counter! In any case, it was delicious. I had a chocolate shake and Alex tried an Orange Dreamsicle Malt. Both were really good and were even made with an old fashioned blender. 
It was a great day, spent with my husband, who I am forever having fun with. The next day, my birthday continued with my family for dinner and cake and laughs with my nieces and nephew. I'm very lucky for another year on this earth, spent with my most favorite people. 

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